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Jacob Gardner

I was referred to Dr. Pieper by my parents. Until my first visit, I had not had a dentist appointment for 11 years, so I was extremely nervous about getting my teeth worked on. I scheduled to go get my teeth checked out, and from the moment I entered the office the friendliness of everybody at the office helped lessen significantly the amount of stress that had built up over that 11 years. I am not saying that getting your teeth worked on is a pleasurable experience in the least, but at least everybody in the office being friendly and the skill that Dr. Pieper has makes for a lot better experience. I give it a 5 fixed teeth out of 5.

Gary Pittman

Just to let you know how much I appreciate the kind and courtesy you and your crew showed me in my recent “overhaul”. I was overwhelmed with your service and advice and I am taking good care of my teeth. I also really love the new tooth brush and use it frequently. I was really impressed with how you treated me so I was in very little pain. I also was impressed how you informed me of everything that was going on. To you and your staff an extremely happy patient. Thank you.

Carol Reed

Thank you so very much for the excellent care I have received. You all have been instrumental in restoring my self-esteem and confidence. I can smile again!! God Bless each of You.

To The Entire Staff of Family Dentistry

I would like to express how very much I appreciate what all of you have done for me. It is hard to accept the gracious gifts that all of you have given, and I don't mean the physical gifts. I am referring to the smiles that greeted me from the moment I walked in the front door, all the way through the procedures to the moment when I left. I am referring to the genuineness in everyone's eyes when anyone would ask, "How are you doing today?" I am referring to the attentiveness and empathy everyone demonstrated when I was experiencing discomfort and anxiety. Those are priceless gifts and all of you gave them freely.

Thank you for your patience, thoughtfulness, and kindness. You all cared, it showed and I am grateful..

Anita Burns

My experience at Family Dentistry was truly a wonderful one. The results I got through getting braces has impacted my life positively. When I came in I thought I was too old to have me teeth straightened, but the staff assured me I was not. It was well worth my time in braces for the smile and confidence I have gained.

Brendi Lujan

After having multiple problems with my jaw, finding no cure, I went to Family Dentistry for a different solution. Instead of putting braces back on, Dr. Pieper made a special mouth piece for me to wear only at night. After a few weeks I could already feel relief on my jaw and now, six months later I am jaw problem free!

Tish LaMaack

I've been Dr. Pieper's patient for 27 years. He is a wonderful dentist and person. Dr. Pieper is a consummate professional, smart, honest, keeps up with new technology, and a perfectionist. Every day he brings these talents into the examination room in which you sit! He will always use 100% of these traits to make your teeth healthy and beautiful. I would be remiss if I failed to speak of his unbelievable staff. They are smart, friendly, and professional. Your comfort and oral health are their priority. These ladies are great. Thanks Dr. P and ladies!

Elsie Rose

Very professional but very family friendly, from a mouth of bad teeth to a beautiful smile! Thanks a million!

Conner Christner

After going to Dr. Pieper's and getting my teeth fixed I feel like I can smile without being judged. I love to smile now and I have to thank all those at Dr. Pieper's Family Dentistry for that.

Roxie Murphy

I know everybody has some form of fear or even a phobia about going to the dentist. It's especially true of my daughter Macie; age 10 who has had some pretty awful experiences, but that's not the case with her dental visits to you and your wonderful staff. You go to great lengths to be so understanding and tolerant. You're good at explaining procedures (even if she didn't get all the details). Thank you for your patience you practice with Macie. Thank you too for your extraordinary dentistry skills. Keep up the great work! All because of you my daughter Macie looks forward to her dental visits.

Norma Willson

By Divine intervention I was led to Dr. Pieper and his wonderful, caring staff. Professionally Dr. knew what was needed. I was having pain from the ill fitting dentures made by my previous dentist. Then Dr. Pieper prescribed new dentures. But how??? Took it to the Lord. Three days later I received a call from Dr. Pieper's office that an anonymous donor had offered to bless me by paying for my new dentures. With added graces it all became a most wondrous gift. May God Bless You All.

Jeannette Johnson

A smile is something that you can give away everyday; it costs you nothing but can change or save a life." Drs. Pieper and Marsh are proactive, positive, and communicative regarding patients' dental plans and goals to ensure that warm, healthy smile. I have been so impressed with the professionalism and quality of dental care that the entire team has provided to me. They matter to me, but more importantly, I matter to them.


I HATE TRAFFIC!! But I drive 3 1/2 hours to see Dr. Pieper. I make the drive because I came from a small town where I loved my dentist. After moving to a big city in Colorado, I just couldn't find a dentist that I was happy with. I asked a friend who lives in Yoder (near Torrington) who his dentist was. He recommended Dr. Pieper and I'm sure glad he did! Some of the things I like most about Family Dentistry are the friendly staff, the quality dentistry provided, and the level of comfort that the Dr. always makes certain I have. The Dr. and staff really care about you and treat you like person, not a number.

An Appointment

I woke up this morning
Full of apprehension.
I have an appointment to keep,
And that is my intention.
To the dentist's office I go
And am warmly greeted By his efficient staff.
They tell me a cute joke
and I discover I can still laugh.
My fear is slipping away
This will be a good day.
After everything turned out fine,
I decided my Dentist is a keeper.
If you haven't guessed By now,
his name is Dr. Pieper

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