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Dental Restoration

Torrington Dental Restoration

Your teeth spend all of their time being exposed. This leaves them open to potential damage and decay over time. Whether the damage is accidental or natural, Platte River Family Dentistry can repair your teeth, giving you that perfect smile.

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Our restorative dental services include:

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Cavities are tiny holes that form in the enamel of your tooth. This can be remedied by removing the decay and filling that section with new material - such as metal, acrylic or porcelain.

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A crown may be necessary when a tooth has had a number of fillings or is highly worn or is cracked or fractured. A crown is a cover that is placed over the existing tooth to protect it from further damage.

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If the surface of your tooth has undergone damage over time from biting, we can fix it by attaching an “inlay” over the damaged area - preventing further damage.


Onlays are similar to inlays but are used when damage is more severe. An onlay covers more of the tooth but is often preferred over a crown for its ability to maintain existing tooth structure.

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Dental model showing a restoration on bottom teeth.


A bridge is a device that holds artificial teeth in place by connecting them to other teeth. If you need a tooth replacement, we may suggest a bridge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dentists have used metal fillings to repair teeth for over 100 years. Fillings are safe and low-cost, and they last a long time, which makes them an excellent choice for repairing cavities. Metal fillings contain a small amount of mercury, and there have been concerns that this mercury can be released into the body. However, medical studies show that the extremely small amount of mercury released by metal fillings poses no threat to your health.

If you are concerned about the safety of metal fillings, talk to your dentist. Alternative treatments such as composite fillings may be a solution for you.

Whitening treatments are formulated to whiten natural tooth enamel, so they won’t have an effect on porcelain or ceramic restorations. Your dentist can help you with options to change the colour of your crown or other restoration.

Porcelain or ceramic restorations usually last for ten years or longer. Metal restorations can last longer. How long your restorations last depends on your eating habits and dental hygiene. Restorations are also not as strong as natural teeth, so you should be careful eating hard or sticky foods.

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