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Guards, Bite Appliances

Torrington Sports Guards

Mouth guards and bite appliances have many uses. The most common uses are for contact sports and grinding your teeth at night. We are trained to help you find the right appliance for your safety and comfort.

Man putting in mouth guard. Inset of a closeup of mouth guard.

Sports Guards

A sports guard allows you to play the sports you love without the worry of having to undergo complicated procedures to repair or replace damaged or lost teeth. Let us design the protection you require.

Bite Appliances

Do you wake up in the morning with intense headaches and jaw pain? This may be due to a condition called bruxism, in which an individual grinds their teeth in their sleep. Long-term damage is easily prevented by acquiring an appliance designed to minimize muscle activity during sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, your teeth can be injured by even a minor impact. You should wear a guard for any sport where there is a risk of impact to your mouth or of falling.

Your sports guard should fit comfortably and allow you to speak and breathe easily. You should not have to bite the guard to keep it in place. If your guard doesn’t fit properly, speak to your dentist about getting the guard altered or replaced.

Replace your sports guard after two or three seasons or after an impact or injury. A damaged guard may not protect your teeth as well as a new one.

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