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Family Dentistry

Torrington Family Dentistry

Dr. Marsh and Dr. Lucas are family dentists who excel in working with children and providing their care preventively, restoratively, and orthodontically.

Little girl holding a teddy bear.

It is important for our young ones to learn about oral hygiene early, and we are experienced in helping children have fun while learning how to maintain their oral hygiene.

We welcome children in our office and we make an effort to ensure that each visit is as happy as possible. Around the age of three is a good time to start seeing a family dentist in Torrington.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your baby should have their first dental appointment after their baby teeth begin to emerge. This helps them get to know their dentist and it lets them get used to having a dental examination. During your baby’s first appointment we’ll check their teeth and mouth to make sure they’re healthy and developing normally.

Juice is a great treat, but it contains sugars and acids that can cause tooth decay. If you decide to make juice an occasional treat, make sure to give your child water as well. The water will rinse away the juice and protect their teeth.

You can clean your baby’s mouth and gums with a baby toothbrush or a soft cloth right after they’re born. When their teeth start to come in, you can add a “smear” of baby toothpaste. They can begin brushing on their own, with your help, when all their baby teeth have come in.

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