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Cosmetic Dentistry

Torrington Cosmetic Dentist

No one is perfect. We all have little things that we wish were different about our appearance. Many people feel very self-conscious about their smiles, but they no longer have to. Dr. Marsh & Dr. Lucas, Torrington cosmetic dentists, have a highly-trained professional staff that can help you.

If your teeth are chipped, crooked, or stained - or if you don’t like the general appearance of your teeth, we can help you. Come visit our team and start the process that could lead to a brand new smile - and a brand new life.

If it is time to start making some changes, we would love for you to make those changes with us. Platte River Family Dentistry offers a range of cosmetic dentistry services.

Young woman looking in a mirror smiling. Inset photo of a closeup of smile.

Our restorative dental services include:

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A veneer is a laminate that is placed over your teeth. This changes the color and shape of the tooth, as well as reduces gaps and repairs cracks.

Video: Veneers
Closeup of veneer on fingertip.


Lumineers are super-thin laminates applied to the teeth in a totally painless procedure. They can last many years and increase the attractiveness of your smile.

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Do you have chips, cracks or deformities in your teeth? Contouring is the process of resizing, rebuilding and reshaping your teeth to achieve a perfect appearance.


Bonding is a process specifically aimed at closing gaps between teeth. By applying and hardening a resin, we are able to reduce or close gaps between teeth.

Closeup of teeth with dental tool inside mouth.

Ceramic Crowns

All ceramic crowns can give a life-like replacement of enamel and strengthen the tooth at the same time.

Video: Ceramic Crowns

Frequently Asked Questions

Your first cosmetic dentistry appointment begins with you and your dentist talking about how you’d like to change your appearance. Your dentist may also examine your teeth and take x-rays of your teeth and jaws. Depending on the treatment you choose, your dentist may show you a preview image of your new smile. In some cases, you may also be able to try out temporary cosmetic restorations to see how they look.

Brush and floss veneers just like your natural teeth. This prevents staining and it keeps your natural teeth healthy and free from decay.

Crowns and veneers seem similar, but they are used for different purposes. Crowns are designed to replace an entire tooth. Veneers are attached to the fronts of your visible teeth and don’t cover the whole tooth. Your dentist will recommend the best options for you during your cosmetic consultation.

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