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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Torrington Wisdom Teeth

The majority of adolescents and young adults will experience a short period of intense discomfort in the back of their mouths. This is due to the rapid expansion of wisdom teeth, which force themselves to the surface of your rear jaw and also from infection of the gum tissue around these teeth. For the majority of people, these teeth do not actually fit into the mouth, which causes not only pain but potential orthodontic problems.

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The infection around these can lead to cellulitis.

The surgery is quick and is not felt by the patient because of our expert sedation. It is, however, suggested that you take a day or two to recover..

Video: Extraction

Frequently Asked Questions

They are called wisdom teeth because they’re the last set of adult teeth to emerge. Since they normally emerge in early adulthood, they have historically been a sign of becoming an adult and (hopefully) wiser.

Dry sockets occur when a tooth is extracted, and a blood clot fails to form in the remaining socket. This can cause the bones and nerves around the socket to be exposed to the air, causing intense pain and swelling. Contact your dentist if you notice these symptoms after having your wisdom teeth removed.

Your wisdom teeth might not need to be extracted if they are growing correctly and there is space in your jaws for them to emerge. Your dentist will monitor their growth to make sure that no problems develop.

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